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Stellar IT Services for Your Company

We have more than a decade of experience in programming premium software products for companies like Swisscom, Microsoft and HP Enterprise that have won multiple international awards, are licensed to first-class companies and used by millions of end-customers.

We would like to share our knowledge in flexible back-end architectures, cloud technologies, and state-of-the-art multimedia software with you and are happy to discuss how we can help you to conquer your IT challenges. We offer services in these areas:


Design of highly scalable Architectures

Design of large-scale, telco-grade software and systems

Creation of sustainable and secure APIs

Integration into legacy systems or existing flows

Integration and aggregation of existing software and systems



Development of Premium Software

Creation of cross-platform consumer and enterprise mobile and web applications

High level of shared code using Xamarin or Reacte Native

Faster time-to-market due to simpler team structures and shared development processes and tests



Setup of Smooth DevOps Flows

Continuous integration analysis and design for complex software systems and solutions

Configuration of Jenkins and a wide range of other CI tools

Application of continuous Git flows including unit-tested pull requests

All green development flows



Implementation of Automated Testing

Establishment of latest technology testing structures that accelerate software development

CI/CD embedded automated testing to increase the depth and scope of tests

Web/Desktop (Selenium), Mobile (Xamarin Test Cloud), Backend (JUnit, XUnit etc.)


Projects where we proved our Expertise:

IPTV Middleware and software architecture for Swisscom TV

Our backend solution for the internationally multiple award-winning TV application Swisscom TV by Swisscom, Switzerland's major telecommunications provider, is used every day by over one million Swisscom TV customers. The backend architecture for the cloud-driven TV application follows rigorous requirements in terms of performance, availability and scalability to power various TV clients while the agile OTT and TV Middleware solution facilitates an outstanding epg and vod catalog presentation next to an adaptive product and subscription management for an ever-evolving television market. From the frontend perspective, the desktop and mobile clients complete the TV application by providing a break-through user experience and allowing customers to take their TV wherever they go.

Our Services:

  • Overall software architecture
  • Definition of APIs and protocols for various teams and streams
  • TV middleware platform (Security, TV & EPG, VoD Store, Device Management)
  • 3rd party vendor integration (Streaming, NPVR, DRM)
  • Swisscom OSS/BSS integration


MonoCloud: Our white-label cloud turnkey solution for ICT companies

MonoCloud is a flexible cloud platform that empowers ICT companies to create their own cloud within just a few weeks. Running on public or private infrastructure, the cloud can be tailored to your company’s requirements by branding the user interface, implementing and customizing features to suit your functionality needs, and merging data stored in apps like OneDrive, Dropbox, iTunes, facebook or Instagram into your own personalized cloud solution. Today deployed by Switzerland’s major telecommunications provider Swisscom and branded as “Swisscom myCloud”, monocloud enables over 100'000 end-users to securely store their data within the borders of their home country and access it any time and with any device, even the TV.

Our Services:

  • Personal cloud solution for residential customers
  • Overall software architecture
  • Development partner for mobile, web, TV and backend
  • DevOps / Integration including CI/CD and testing automatization


Monostream Flux: Our NPVR platform solution for Live TV and DVR applications

In a partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we developed monostream Flux, a competitive software-defined platform for Live TV and DVR applications that runs on all commodity hardware systems. This flexible large-scale video streaming solution integrates the latest advances in grid computing, clustered storage, virtualization, and video processing technologies and allows the creation of a cost-effective streaming delivery due to a reduction of storage by factor based on unified recording and caching of video data. Because of this complexity-reducing technology and the wide range of deployment possibilities, Monostream Flux covers a multitude of applications for modern cloud technologies.

Our Services:

  • Software-defined platform for Live TV and DVR applications
  • Archiving and delivering of recorded TV channels
  • Multi-device and multi-protocol support
  • Delivery to thousands of concurrent viewers due to cost-effective storage and caching approach



Vismolog is a software that offers a complete set of tools for real-time monitoring and analysis of air conditioning devices from waterpark distributed across the globe.

Our Services:

  • Solution to monitor and visualize data of waterpark air condition devices
  • Consolidated and centralized view on air conditioning key figures of globally distributed waterparks
  • Implementation and digitalization of standardized and proprietary protocols