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Offer your customers a beautiful data archive to unify all their emotional data in one secure place.

Data is incredibly valuable to all of us: We want it securely stored and always accessible with no effort. Yet, we all face endless unorganized data distributed over multiple devices and services.

MonoCloud is a white-label cloud solution that empowers you to create your own personalized cloud storage platform to solve this problem for your customers. With the MonoCloud service, your customers can unify all their data scattered across devices, storage services and social media platforms in one single meta-cloud and experience their memories on all their screens, even on the TV.



Experience the Cloud!

Today deployed by Switzerland’s major telco provider Swisscom and branded as “myCloud”, MonoCloud enables over 100'000 end-users to securely store their data within the borders of their home country and access it any time and with any device, even the TV.

Visit Swisscom's myCloud to get an impression how your own cloud could look like!

Learn about Technical Details

MonoCloud is a complex enterprise software solution that allows you to shape your cloud based on the exact needs and requirements of your company. Our modular system empowers you to take full advantage of the infrastructure and technologies you already use.

Click here to find an overview of technical details and possible component choices!

Our services for MonoCloud

If you are interested in offering MonoCloud as a new service for your plans or bundles, we will guide you through the process of creating a tailor-made cloud for your market and integrating the cloud into your running business within just a few weeks.

Find out about all services we provide to connect you to the digital cloud universe!




MonoCloud Overview

MonoCloud enables your customers not just to securely save all their photos and files in the cloud, share them with family and friends, keep data in sync across all devices and re-experience their precious moments with features like "Themes" and "Places", but also allows them to unify all their data stored in apps like OneDrive, Dropbox, iTunes, facebook, Instagram and many more in the cloud with just one click.


MonoCloud Details


Backup into the cloud

MonoCloud offers to automatically backup data from all devices, storage services (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc) and social media platforms (facebook, Instagram, Google+ etc.) into the cloud where it is always accessible from any device. If customers lose their device or buy a new one, they can just access the cloud and have their data back without any loss or annoying data transfer between devices.

Synchronized across devices

The sync feature allows customers to seamlessly synchronize all their data between their devices for offline usage and local repository creation. As soon as customers are back online again, the data gets automatically updated across devices.

Data organisation and enrichment

MonoCloud helps customers to organize their data. They can manually structure data in folders and albums as they like, and in addition MonoCloud offers features like photo mapping and a self-learing image recognition engine that creates smart albums.

Automatic data optimization

With the help of MonoCloud’s data renderers, rich media content can be viewed on every device in the best possible quality. The data gets optimized to the bandwith available and the screensize of the device the customer uses to access the data.

Keep data safe forever

Data is securely stored in the cloud as it is encrypted by MonoCloud on storage level and during data trasfer. If a customer accidentally deleted the data, MonoCloud offers a trash recovery option to restore it.


MonoCloud integrates with other services and technologies


Connect clouds and social media platforms

Connect other cloud services and social media platforms to let your customers easily import their data with one click to have all data unified and safely stored in MonoCloud.

Integrate new services and applications

MonoCloud supports standard protocols (webdav, ftp/sftp) and has an open API that can be used and connected with numerous services and trending apps to enable users to create own content and increase platform engagement.

Innovative customer services

Bring MonoCloud to your customers’ living room by giving them the option to enjoy their emotional data on TV or listen to their music on SONOS.

Extention to the real world

Offer your clients the service of digitalizing their real photos and videos and upload them into the cloud, partner with a print company and introduce the service of letting people choose photos in the clouds and you send them actual prints, posters, calendars or photo books or let your clients pick a photo, add a note and address of a friend and the photo gets automatically sent to this person.

Billing Integration

MonoCloud can be integrated into your existing billing processes to conveniently bill its services along with a customer’s monthly mobile phone plan payment.


If you have questions regarding MonoCloud, don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer your questions within one business day.

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