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Monocloud Tech (live)

Tech Details

Shape your own cloud application in no time

MonoCloud is a turn key solution that can be integrated into your business in just a few weeks.  Running on public or private infrastructure, you can select modular blocks to assemble MonoCloud the way it fits best into your operating infrastructure and tailor it to your company’s requirements by branding the user interface and implementing customized features to suit all your functionality needs.



Cloud Infrastructure

MonoCloud is built from scratch to natively run on cloud computing platforms such as Docker, CloudFoundry, Azure and AWS by respecting the 12 factor design approach.

The cloud solution can be operated on standardized cloud infrastructure, granting a secure, reliable and scalable installation to match the demanded flexibility and capacity.

The software also perfectly runs on Linux & Windows in case you want to run monocloud natively.


Cloud Services, Storage and Third Party integrations

Using MonoCloud as a backend allows you to take full advantage of our data compliance features, and the monocloud API.

The solution enables you to manage, organize and share content and data, including folders, files, comments for every object, and enrich data with individually selected meta data context to add significance. Of course, the content will be automatically optimized for the best experience to view in web and mobile.

In addition, you can easily expand the feature set and connect third party services or systems into MonoCloud. Our backend can interconnect with Protocols (S3, WebDav (Sharepoint), FTP /SFTP, IMAP) and Third parties such as DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Amazon CloudDrive, GitHub, Flickr, 500px, Facebook, Instagram, Slack,, Evernote, iOS Photos etc.



Cloud Storage

MonoCloud supports multiple storage back-ends that can be heterogeneously mixed based on your requirements. This flexible solution allows you to synchronize, versionize, and back up your data and access it regardless of your location and across devices and platforms.

Cloud Storage
Microsoft Azure compatbile
Amazon S3 compatbile
OpenStack compatbile

On-Premise Storage
MongoDB GridFS
EMC Object Storage
Local Storage
Network Storage

Cloud Identity

External providers

Being SDK compatible with OAuth2 and OpenID, monocloud allows a unified identity, role & claims management and supports delegated login flows via external providers such as Facebook, Twitter, GitHub or a Microsoft Account.

Internal providers

Within the scope of enterprises, monocloud allows identity management with the Active Directory or internal proprietary or standardized systems. In addition, monocloud provides a standalone provider ready to be integrated by other internal or external products.


Swisscom Use Case

As an example we would like to quickly depict how Swisscom set up MonoCloud as the basis for their myCloud service:

Swisscom myCloud SetUp.PNG