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MonoCloud Services (live)

MonoCloud Services


Together we will diligently analyze what components will work best in your environment, what your personal branding should look like and how the cloud service will be enrolled to your customers.


Component Consulting

We support you in finding the best component combination for your business. MonoCloud has a flexible and modular framework that allows you to choose from a wide range of platform, drive, and integration components to build your own cloud solution according to your requirements. Visit this page for more information.



We brand the user interface of the four responsive clients (web, mobile, desktop and TV) in accordance with your corporate design in order to gain impactful customer-facing exposure and a distinct increase of brand awareness for your company.


Cloud infrastructure set-up

The customizable product is ready for deployment and provides a time to market of only a few weeks. We assist you in setting up the cloud infrastructure and connecting MonoCloud to your OSS/BSS solutions to seamlessly integrate your cloud into your business.